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What is Pyramid Tea Bags? Why Are They Premium and Its Benefits

What is Pyramid Tea Bags?

Pyramid tea bags are made of bio degradable mesh material. The pyramid shape is regarded as the optimal teabag design allowing maximum room for expansion of the tea and is perfectly suited for quality loose leaf tea. Unlike the traditional finely cut tea found in mass-manufactured tea bags, the newly introduced Boulder Leaf Specialty Pyramid Tea Bags feature fresh loose leaf tea and tisane. This innovative brewing system combines the convenience of a traditional tea bag and the flavor and aroma of a quality pot of tea.

Pyramid Tea Bags are a bundle of freshness, taste and convenience. They are a true connoisseur's delight. Pyramid tea bags are sealed, porous, tetrahedron-shaped bags of tea that offer the ultimate way to brew leaf tea in minutes. They have simplified the entire process of packing high grade tea into bags.

Tea bags have evolved over the years in terms of ingredients as well as flavours. Many iterations of the tea bag followed – pot bags, single-chamber bags, double-chamber bags, circular tea bags, cloth bags and more, but none of these alternatives produced a brew comparable to traditional tea making . Process.

The newest type of tea bag is the pyramid tea bag. Pyramid tea bags are a recent development, particularly in 1997. These tea bags have become famous among people who use tea bags regularly. Brewing from pyramid tea bags is truly magical as you watch the flow of loose tea as they spread flavor and color into your cup.

Premium quality loose leaf tea is packed in these giant pyramid bags so that the oversized leaves will infuse in your cup just as they would in a kettle or infuser. Isn't it like a quality check maintaining the quality and taste in your cup of tea?

But there are so many benefits that a pyramid tea bag provides and you need to know them all to understand what a difference the size of your tea bag makes to the taste and quality of your tea. Let us look at some of them –

Benefits of Pyramid Tea Bags

These are some of the reasons why large sachets of pyramid tea bags are best for loose leaf tea lovers who want to have a premium brew at the snap of their fingers.

1. Variety of Flavors

A variety of flavors can be neatly packed in pyramid shaped tea bags as they have more room than regular tea bags. These tetrahedron-shaped bags can easily pack ginger, lemon, peach, lavender, rose, and many other combinations. It imparts wonderful flavor to the brew.

2. Better Packaging

Pyramid tea sachets are more spacious than regular tea bags. Therefore, they allow for better packing of fine tea leaves that give a quality brew. The large pores along with the spaciousness of the bag promote better release of flavors and essential oils and add more character to your favorite beverage.

3. Brew Quality

Pyramid tea bags are tetrahedral in shape, so the tea leaves are not tightly packed. When the leaves are dipped in boiling water they give more room to move around in a circular motion. The tea leaves move around inside the tea bag just as they do in a teapot. This allows the maximum flavor to be infused and imparts the perfect taste as a decoction prepared in the traditional way. So you get authentic Kadha in the form of Kadha, prepared in traditional style, in just a few minutes.

4. Time Saver

Pyramid tea bags are more porous than regular tea bags. Therefore the brewing of tea is more rapid and the flavor is easier to release. They create less mess and there is no need for straining which means they are more convenient. It also ensures that the brew is consistent.

5. Travel Friendly

Regular tea bags are prone to wear and tear. They need to be carried in protective boxes. But pyramid leaf tea bags are durable and almost unbreakable and therefore extremely travel friendly.

6. Luxury Gifting

Just by looking at it one can tell that pyramid tea bags look awesome and make a great gifting option. They have a lovely sheen and are also silky to the touch. In addition, they also present a beautiful brew that never ceases to amaze tea drinkers. This makes it a classy as well as an affordable option for tea gifting.

From making a perfect brew, closest to traditional brewing methods, to being a perfect gifting option, pyramid tea bags are something you must try.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. What are pyramid tea bags?

Ans: Pyramid bags are larger than regular square tea bags and generally provide a finer mesh to let more water in and out. It also allows the tea to expand into a pyramid shape while steeping.

Q. Who Makes Pyramid Tea Bags?

Ans: The inventor of pyramid tea bags was Brooke Bond, a UK company who created them in 1997. The reason for their allure stemmed from their ability to allow 50% extra room when pouring.

Q. What material are pyramid tea bags made of?

Ans: The tea bags are made using a mixture of abaca, which is made from a species of banana plant, and a biopolymer made from non-GM plant material known as PLA.

Q. How does the pyramid work?

Ans: Thus, in a forest ecosystem, the base of the pyramid is pointed, but after trophic level 2, the shape of the pyramid again becomes normal i.e. pointed. If a pyramid of number of parasites is drawn in a food chain, it is always inverted e.g. a single tree provides food to many herbivores (birds etc.).

Q. Why is the pyramid triangular?

Ans: In other words, each edge and vertex of the base together form a triangular face. Therefore, if the base of a pyramid is a polygon of n sides, then it has total (n 1) faces out of which n faces are triangular.

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