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Replace Green tea with Omdhatu Red tea

Updated: May 30, 2022

What is Omdhatu Red Tea?

RED TEA is one of the OM DHATU’S Rediscovered Ayurvedic Tea made from handpicked, organic ingredients. It is a fusion of Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Basil, and Green tea.

Hibiscus is the main ingredient in the Red tea, and also is responsible for the Beautiful Red color of the tea. With multiple health benefits, all these ingredients keep your Doshas balanced and help you live a healthy and happy life.

What are the Benefits of Omdhatu Red Tea?

Boosts Metabolism - The Ingredients in Red Tea helps boost metabolism and is an amazing, refreshing and tasty way to do that. No need for Bitter drinks to boost your metabolism. Have a cup of red tea and get your metabolism up and running.

Reduce Menstrual Pain - The Hibiscus also known as Gudhal has some amazing health benefits. One of them is reducing Menstrual Pain in Women during their periods. A soothing cup of Omdhatu's Red tea can help you reduce your menstrual pain.

Reduce Blood Pressure - High Blood pressure is an alarming health issue nowadays and all the ingredients in Red tea collectively help you reduce your Blood Pressure,

Controls Blood Sugar - Hibiscus and Green Tea help control blood sugar levels making it a perfect drink for the morning. Having this Tea early morning will have multiple health benefits.

Suppresses Hunger - Red tea also helps suppress hunger and can be an easy replacement for coffee. Coffee can cause multiple health issues and replacing it with Red tea will completely change your lifestyle. Why should you replace Green tea with Red tea? Red tea is by far way better than Green tea in many aspects.

Rich in Vitamin C - Red Tea with its primary ingredient being Hibiscus has multiple times more Vitamin C content than any green tea available on the market. Which in turn is a great factor to boost Immunity and keep your body more active. Rich in Anti-Oxidant - Omdhatu's Red Tea has some amazing ingredients like Basil and Cinnamon. Not only these ingredients are full of Vitamins and Minerals. They are also very rich in Anti-Oxidants. So, overall Red tea contains provides more Anti-oxidants per cup than Green Tea.

Low in Caffeine - An average Cup of Green tea contains around 30-50mg of Caffeine per serving. Omdhatu's Red tea contains less than 10mg of Caffeine per serving. This is around 3-5 times less than any green tea available in the market. Rich in Nutrients - Omdhatu's Red Tea is rich in many nutrients like Iron, Calcium, Potassium, and many other Vitamins and Minerals. This is due to the addition of Basil, Cinnamon, and Hibiscus to the tea. Unlike other brands, at Omdhatu we use actual ingredients and not extracts or flavors to enhance the taste of our teas. Usage of actual Organic handpicked products and not adding flavors and preservatives not only makes us more premium but more beneficial for your health and your loved ones. Rich in Flavonoids - Ingredients like Tulsi and Cinnamon are rich in flavonoids. These Flavonoids have Anti- Inflammatory effect and can help prevents many diseases related to Heart, cancer, and also Diabetes. Where to buy Omdhatu Red Tea?

You can buy this Amazingly Refreshing Red Tea from Do not forget to follow our amazing Instagram account

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