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Replace your Coffee with Yellow Tea, Here's Why?

In every TV show from the western world, people start their day by pouring hot black coffee into a huge mug. But we never find danger warnings for the effects it has on your body.

Drinking caffeine-loaded drinks can lead to insomnia, anxiety, dizziness and so much more. Instead of this synthetic drink, why not take a step forward towards better health and switch to Yellow Tea- one of our Special Ayurvedic teas prepared to heal your body inside out!

Why should I replace my coffee?

If you think you are working just fine on 2 cups of coffee a day, you might be wrong.

Researchers recommend only 400mg of caffeine in a day for healthy adults, which is contained in 3 cups of coffee. So your coffee in addition to your daily consumption of other caffeinated drinks such as tea crosses the healthy limit very easily.

This can lead to

● Insomnia

● Dizziness

● Problems in the digestive tract

● Increase in blood pressure

● Anxiety levels

And much more. These side effects can lead to poor performance at work and if accepted as a lifestyle, it can cause caffeine addiction or dependency.

Why switch to Omdhatu yellow tea?

The yellow tea by Omdhatu is a special Ayurvedic tea, prepared with the natural goodness of Turmeric to heal your body inside out.

Blood Purifier - This tea, if consumed regularly can act as a blood purifier and provide a cleansing of the toxins circulating in your body.

Anti Inflammatory properties - With its anti-inflammatory, yellow tea can help improve healing rates from injuries and relieve pain and inflammation.

Combats cold and cough - If taken regularly, especially in winter, the Turmeric tea can help you combat the virus effects of cold and cough. It also provided the body warmth from the inside and keeps you healthy in changing weather.

Improves Skin Health - The natural cleansing properties of the yellow tea can help improve skin health by increasing blood circulation, decreasing acne, and old acne marks, and providing a natural glow to your face.

What does it contain?

The yellow tea by Omdhatu is specially prepared with 100 percent ayurvedic and handmade ingredients to provide a host of benefits to your health.

Embracing the Ayurved of ancient India it is formed of -


● Improve heart health

● Can be used for headaches, colds, fever, and menstrual problems.

● Prevent Alzheimer's and cancer.

● Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

● Can help improve depression and arthritis

Garcinia cambogia

The Malabar tamarind is a popular weight-loss supplement.

● Naturally decreases appetite

● Loss of excess weight

● Regulates blood glucose and cholesterol levels


● Assist cardiovascular health i.e decreasing the risk of heart diseases

● Boosts mental health

● Decreases swelling and inflammation

● Improves skin health

● Combatting infections and improving your immune system

With the combination of these ingredients, the yellow tea by Omdhatu is your best alternative to the widespread coffee addiction in today’s generation. It gives you the benefits of handmade and ayurvedic ingredients with a boost to your physical and mental health!

And, if you are getting all such benefits with the easy home delivery of Omdhatu, why wait?

Let us improve our daily routine with the natural effects of Omdhatu yellow tea and keep India healthy and ayurvedic.

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