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New Introductory Combo

New Introductory Combo

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Try our full range of products and enter the world of Ayurveda with a bang. 50gm Pack of all the Teas and our Special Metaballs


METABALLS is an traditional ayurvedic medicine which boosts metabolism and burns excess body fat naturally. It comprises of 11 ayurvedic ingredients. The key ingredient is GUGGLU- one of the most recognised medicine in ayurveda to correct fat metabolism. All the products are handpicked, 100% natural, handmade, organic, ayurvedic.


BLUE BOOSTER is our premium immunity boosting tea comprised of handpicked, organic ingredients. The key ingredient is Blue Butterfly Pea Flower which not only gives it a rejuvenating blue color but also has many benefits.


RED TEA is one of the OM DHATU’S Rediscovered Ayurvedic Tea which uplifts your metabolism as well as helps control your blood sugar levels. All the ingredients are handpicked, organic and blended together Just For You.Yellow Tea is one of our Special Ayurvedic Tea specially prepared for Healing. The key ingredient Turmeric is a Natural Antiseptic & Improves Skin Health. This Tea is a must-try for every age group.

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